thought i’d share a couple variations of a logo i created for the hip hop/rock group Flobots. wasn’t given any direction for the logo at all, except “make something cool.” i created a custom font and grunged it up.


i recently had the chance to design my first infographic for a property management company called On-Site. had a lot of fun creating all the little illustrations and graphics, and figuring out a color palette. so anybody out there that needs some infographics, hit me up! i’ll be dropping the full infographic in my portfolio

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Only Lovers Left Alive movie poster

Got to do another movie poster for the Alamo Drafthouse theater in Littleton, CO. This one is for their upcoming screening of Jim Jarmusch’s vampire movie from 2013, Only Lovers Left Alive. This one took me a while to figure out. It’s not a typical vampire movie, so i wanted to avoid any cliche or

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Phantogram Poster

here’s a little preview of a Phantogram poster i’ve been working on for a Creative Allies contest. Phantogram’s new album is called Voices, so i created some different sets of lips and made a dark, techy poster.   go check it out here and give it a vote if you like it!


hey, welcome to my new website! i’ll be trying to update this blog with current project shots, new projects i’m starting, and sometimes just cool design stuff that is worth sharing. my first “share” is unashamed self promotion. i’ve got my El Salvador volcano poster and a Kingfisher art print available for sale over at

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